What is GambleFi DAO
Rebasing meets Gamification


The world of Rebasing DAOs has been growing tremendously in the past few months and it's on its way to become the new wave of DeFi. The better sustained high APYs, bonding systems and protocol owned liquidity are huge incentives that crypto investors have been dipping their toes into recently. And it seems to only grow more and more as time goes by.
As a result, traditional Yield Farming dApps are suffering currently, not only because of their outdated systems, but also because of the crypto market acting unpredictably and having an uncertain short term future. The DAO system also improves on this concept, allowing users to be much more calm with their investment during bear market times, pandemics or other world events that may impact the current crypto economy.
Our team has been studying the rebasing token market intensely in the recent months along with the rise of gaming and gamification services in the crypto world, and we've decided to have our own spin at it and introduce a protocol that could merge the rebasing mechanism with a plethora of innovative services such as: Treasury Revenue Redistribution, Vesting Reduction NFT Boosters for bonds, a Zero Loss Sports Betting Protocol, Leveraged Betting, and a groundbreaking Gambling as a Service system.
Welcome to GambleFi DAO!
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